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How to Be Positive All The Time

by Evelyn on February 8, 2011

And so, you have bought a number of books and programs about how to be positive. You understand what the law of attraction says, that like attracts like. You know how important it is to be feeling good so that your vibrations are positive. You have dedicated time to saying affirmations – all 101 of them. You try your level best to be in an uplifted state. Yet…..somehow…..there are still periods when you feel like crap.

How to be Positive All the Time
(Picture painting from my personal journal, “How to Be Positive”)

Certainly, life has changed ever since you started taking an interest on your personal growth. But you are still having on-going challenges. The thing is that as you tune into thoughts about your current situation and instead of feeling even mildly positive, you begin to sink into despair. So what’s that about keeping your vibrations up?

Your most troubling thought? If you happen to be a personal development coach, trainer or practitioner, or even a Sunday School teacher, you feel as if you are some kind of fraud and that you’ve not quite lived up to the same advice that you dished out to others.

Welcome to the closets, the hidden secrets and the heavy baggage that many of us don’t wish to admit to. We won’t know that of our next-door neighbor or the smiling speaker on stage if these are not revealed either. However, if you should take a step back or two to reflect, it would be clear everyone has their inner demons to face. Even the most optimistic ones or those who appear to have it all together also have their periods of stress, worry and frustration.

Let’s not forget. That’s why we are here. Our souls are to experience our life lessons. We are having human experiences. And so there are days when we don’t feel all that positive. And there are days when we feel as if we are waging a war with our emotions. Our egos have the upper hand.

Now that I stop to think, my personal and family challenges have not stopped presenting themselves. What is great is that despite all the uncertainty, I am able to maintain a higher level of sanity and calm than previously. This, I believe, is what’s necessary to first become vibrationally positive.

Alex Blackwell has also asked in a previous blog comment about how to keep the abundance vibration going, once achieved. From my personal experiences, advance and regular maintenance work is needed. Think of your mind as machinery or equipment. You want it to be running well for a long time. A proper installation will get it started on the right footing. Then, you discover that as time goes on, wear and tear sets in. Hence, that’s when regular servicing needs to come in. On this premise, the following are ways that have worked for me….

10 Ways on How to Be Positive All the Time

1. Invest time in clearing your emotional clutter upfront. It’s hard to move decisively forward when your negative emotions keep holding you back. So invest sufficient amount of time to doing emotional work first. Thereafter, expect to experience a smoother road to being and feeling positive. You should also continue with regular clearing of emotional clutter.

Tapping World Summit 2011 - Bruce Lipton VideoFor addressing your negative emotions, I highly recommend the use of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). I have personally benefited from its use since some 5 years ago. I also share the technique with my clients. Watch free videos about how EFT, quantum mechanics, power of subconscious beliefs and cell biology come together by Dr Bruce Lipton, and about EFT by other famous speakers such as Jack Canfeld by clicking on the left banner.

2. Understand the nature of your mind. Understand that your mind has a tendency to focus on the negatives. A simple example. In a day, there may be nine things that go right but one thing that goes wrong. Your mind will choose to focus on the one thing that is not going well.

Consider practicing mindful meditation. Learn to observe your thoughts without getting attached to their content. You would know that thoughts arise and pass away all the time. It is the same with your emotions too. You also learn how important it is to be take charge of your inner state and not let your ego be in charge.

3. Change your perspective. With that understanding, also know that each moment, you have a choice. There is always a better way of looking at things. Consider looking at glass half full rather than half empty. See if you can step outside yourself to gain a bigger picture of things.

4. Create a vision. If you don’t have a vision, then you are more prone to being distracted. You become like a drifting boat at sea, without a clear direction to head towards. There are days when you feel like giving up on the choices that you have already made. Emotional upsets become more prevalent. You swing like a yo-yo.

A vision keeps you focused. And not just any vision. One with aligned purpose, and creative meaning in it. One that reminds you about being in the flow of positivity.

Just imagine how your ideal life would look like. Take down some notes. And make the intent to manifesting it. Incidentally, these exercises are laid out in my vision board mastery program. If you are interested in attending the workshop, please click over here for more information.

5. Allow space for old energies to dissipate. The following situation may be true of you: You have made the required internal changes. Yet your outer life has not caught up with the positive changes in your energetic vibrations.

Refrain from thinking that nothing has worked. Instead, allow space for the higher energetic essence that you are now aligned with to manifest. For thoughts to manifest, there is a time lag in the physical dimension. If your inner shift is a major one, you might have to face rejection, upheavals or dramas in your outer life. Your external circumstances will respond to accommodate that inner shift.

Hence, not that things are not working, they are! What you need to do is to continue to affirm in actions where you intend to shift towards. Don’t turn back. Should you do so, you would be sending out mixed signals. Instead, hold your ground through focused intention and aligned action.

6. Listen to uplifting audios. Keep yourself in the flow through using subliminals or simply listening to inspirational music. Silence is my favorite companion when I am working but there have been times when I turn to new age music that lifts my spirit.

7. Shift gradually. The mistaken belief that many make is that they think they need to be upbeat all the time. That they need to be in an adrenaline high all day long. In reality, once the bubble of forced enthusiasm bursts, they come crashing down.

The better way forward is to understand that there is a continuum of emotions. Abraham Hicks share about the Emotional Guidance Scale in the book, The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent. Accordingly, we choose to move continually up the scale that brings us from feeling negative to positive. For instance, if we are feeling sad, we move up to contentment and then upwards. And even if we are already feeling positive, we can move up the scale into feeling better and better, eventually holding a loving presence.

8. Know that you are deserving. Someone wrote to me about feeling afraid of experiencing too much joy. What if all her happiness goes away, she asked.

Well, when you are miserly towards yourself, life reflects the same back to you. In reality, there is no limit to joy and all the positive experiences in the world. Don’t limit yourself by asking for too little from life. You deserve the very best!

9. Focus on your blessings. One great way to shift and stay in positive vibrations is to express gratitude continually throughout the day. Recount your blessings every time you feel low. I also love to flip through my photo albums, which remind me of the happy memories I had enjoyed.

You can start a project initiative to help you remember about saying thanks. Jenn Mertzger created a project of 100 days to expressing gratitude on Facebook.

10. Surround yourself with positive energy. Envelope yourself in the warm embrace of inspiration, love, joy and peace. It can be through your family, friends or an inspirational video such as this…..

Since its release, the video that I made two years ago has garnered more than 50,000 views and many favorable comments. A few online viewers have also confessed that they play it everyday.

The Ultimate Tip To Be Positive All the Time

Is it REALLY possible to be positive all the time?

I would like to believe so.

To be vibrationally positive all the time comes with self knowledge. It arises from a continuous “being” state of profound peace, joy and love – even while in human existence. You no longer react to the waves, tremors and trepidations of life. Instead, you live in the space of pure awareness. Continuous awareness of who you are keeps you in the vibrational essences of positivity.

You may respond in dismay, “What? Continuous awareness sounds like an impossible task!” Well, what I do know is that the more you practice the above 10 tips (and in particular, tip #1 and #2), the periods whereby you stay positive becomes longer and longer.

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.
~Anthony J. D’Angelo

Share Your Favorite Tip on How to Be Positive All the Time

Have you got a tip about being positive? Think it is possible to be positive all the time? Share your thoughts below!

Take care,

P.S. This post is part a series of how-to articles. Keep a lookout for the next one on How to Identify Your Negative Money Belief! It will be posted in 3 days’ time on Friday.

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{ 20 comments… read them below or add one }

The Vizier February 8, 2011 at 9:12 pm

Hi Evelyn,

I agree, we all have our ups and downs in life. There are times when we do not feel as positive as we would like to be. But you are right, we are all here to learn and grow, so it is naturally that we would struggle to feel positive as we go through challenges.

My experience agrees with you Evelyn. Being able to maintain a positive mindset or even calm in any situation is a habit of sorts. It requires constant maintenance to ensure that everything is running smoothly. We need to constantly fill our mind with nourishment that would make us positive about life.

While I may not be positive all the time, I always make it a point to focus on the solution and not the problem. By doing so, I channel my energies and thoughts in a constructive manner and refuse to let them get out of hand. This has always helped me to maintain calm and composure in almost any situation.

All the 10 ways you have mentioned go a long way to helping us stay positive. 1 and 2 is definitely important. But 4 also stands our for me because it helps to give us purpose and meaning in life. When we have a motivating reason to wake up each day, it is easier to remain positive and work towards our goals no matter the odds we face.

Thank you for sharing this article! :)

Irving the Vizier

Stephen February 8, 2011 at 9:27 pm

Hi Evelyn, I resonate absolutely with all you say in this post. I love the install and maintain context. It is similar to my weeding and planting analogy, remembering particularly that weeds tend to re-appear! We are spritual beings going through human experiences. I remain positive through setting clear outcomes and celebrating success. When negatives re-appear, I observe them and let them go. I’m not particularly good at meditation (no patience!) but I find Silence and stilling my mind really helpful. Thanks again for a very insightful post. Take care, Stephen

Keith February 9, 2011 at 5:05 am

Hi Evelyn,

This is one of the best articles I have seen on maintaining a positive outlook. I have studied such things for years and I still wonder why point number two is true. Why does the mind tend to focus on the negative?

Whatever the reason, the cool thing is that we have the power to direct our mind to the positive! All of these points are powerful tools and they work, they really work.

Thanks Evelyn!

Bryan Thompson February 9, 2011 at 5:36 am

Evelyn, this is a great list. What I have found as well is to keep physically active. Exercise is a great way to get serotonin flowing in your mind, which gives you a positive sensation and actually helps you to keep positive visions going.

I think, too, sometimes we get so caught up in positive thoughts. Yes, like attracts like, but often times our dead-set focus to “try and stay positive” can be like a war with our subconscious. You know that feeling where you’re trying to keep positive thoughts and you hate the fact that what you’re really FEELING on the inside is anxiety? I have felt that. It’s a horrible feeling because in your mind, you KNOW what you’re actually attracting… What I have found helps is to OWN the anxiety. Deal with it and ask yourself some questions (1. Why am I feeling this way? 2. What reasons do I have to feel this way? 3. Have the things I’ve been worried about actually failed?) Often, these can dampen the anxiety levels and I can focus on my vision more.

Thanks for sharing!

Jimmy February 9, 2011 at 7:19 am

Hi Evelyn,

Thanks for this great list. They are all practical and easy to implement. May I share one other method that seemed to have worked for me lately?

Just 2-3 weeks back, I was really having a terrible time at home. I was on national service training for three weeks. Hence, I did not get the chance to go home often during those three weeks. My wife went absolutely mad because home front was chaotic. No helper, two toddlers and a grandma who was not totally mental sound always. She needed help but I could not be there. She resented my NS and did not understand what I needed to do.

The few times I came back, it was constant quarreling. I feared at one stage our relationship would be over. I was ‘kicked out’ for a while after my NS. That was when started listening to Gale Glassner Twersky’s Hypnotic Affirmations on my iPhone. I would go to sleep listening to her few hours long audio. When I wake up, the audio would have ended, but I don’t really remember much of what was played.

Anyway, in little ways, my attitude started to become more tolerant. I always hated going home because home was such a mess. That began to change. My mode also started to shift as I found myself focusing on positive things more. I have since moved back in and am ok with my wife now. She has also become more understanding towards me. We try to encourage each other more now.

I can’t help but think that there is a link between this positive change and my listening to the audio while sleeping. Our subscious mind must be seriously at work while we are sleeping and all those positive affirmation must be having a positive impression on the unconscious.

These days, I mill always pluck my ear phones in when I go to sleep. things will only get better. Perhaps, all your viewers can try this as well. I swear by it now.

Anyway, just my five cents worth on staying positive.


Alison Elliot February 9, 2011 at 7:26 am

Excellent article Evelyn, I totally resonate w/everything you said. . I loved your journal picture too (ever thought of doing a day book or calendar of just those pictures along w/affirmations and quotes – I’d buy one for sure). My tip for keeping positive is to book mark this site. . .no kidding!! Thanks a bunch for the inspiration.

Marty February 9, 2011 at 7:48 am

I like to offer my blessing to those I meet each day. This may sound a bit freaky and believe me I do restrain how I use it at times. Some folk maybe get the wrong idea about me thinking I’m some sort of religious freak which I am certainly not! LOL.
Receiving blessing is a gift. Just saying thank you and granting a genuine smile for a simple service can brighten peoples day.
This is a good and honest blog that you have written. I do worry at times about having a low mood but know that it is never a bad as I perceive it to be.
I’ve made some brief investigations into EFT. It’s a subject that intrigues me. It’s something I want to follow up on at some point.

Dandy February 9, 2011 at 11:02 am

Hi Evelyn,
This is such a beautiful post! I love what you had to say about understanding the nature of your mind. Some of us to tend to swing towards the pessimism and that’s ok. We musn’t deny who we are. We all have something that we need to manage about ourselves. I also like what you said about removing the emotional clutter. Nothing new can ever enter our lives as long as we cling onto the old. Thanks so much for this Evelyn!

Rotem (Energy & Motivation) February 9, 2011 at 12:13 pm

I think that, as you said, the skill of awareness is crucial for staying positive and for self improvement in general.

When you are aware of your thoughts, feeling and actions, you can stay in control of them most of the time.

One great lesson I learned from Tony Robbins is to “turn frustration into fascination”. I use it all the time.

When things don’t work the way I want and I feel frustrated, I change perspective and become fascinated…

Simply think about the situation in a sense of “wow” and wonder.

I think it’s easier to do than it sounds. Try it!

Thanks for a great post. (I’ve just shared it and posted about it on my blog.)

Dereck Breuning February 11, 2011 at 8:04 pm

Hi Evelyn,

saw your comment and link to your own blog on Steven Aitchison’s Mind Alchemy course day 9.

I also think it’s possible be positive all the time. Why? Because since a couple of years I think I am. Ofcourse I’ve had my share of my negative experiences in between (2 ended relationships in 6 year for example) but that doesn’t make me not feel positive. My last relationship ended just a couple of weeks ago. And while I did feel sad and had to cry I still saw the upside to it being a nice time me and her had.

Nowadays when things go awry I look at it and think that it’s only temporary and I can get through it and it will be all good in the end. I also accept things the way they happen even if they are bad. This gives me the energy and positivity to keep moving and not dwell on any negativity for too long.

Thanks for the great article and the tips. Keep on keeping on!

Mark Harrison February 12, 2011 at 6:14 pm

Change your perspective. With that understanding, also know that each moment, you have a choice. There is always a better way of looking at things.

To me, this is the most important one – we really do have a choice, though is can be hard to see this.

Dorothy LaRue March 11, 2011 at 4:41 am

Hello Evelyn,

A dear friend just sent me the link to this post because she had really enjoyed it and thought I would too. I’m so grateful to have people in my life that are on similar paths of life exploration and personal growth. And I’m also grateful for people, like you, who are sharing their journey – what they are experiencing and learning – for the benefit of all. So, thank-you! I see all ten of these approaches as very worthy of our time and attention, and I enjoyed the additional approaches offered by other commenters. #8 – Know You are Deserving – is a fairly new practice for me and as I’m getting into the work I’m realizing how hugely important it is. Louise Hay’s ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ is an amazing guide and support for me and I highly recommend it to Everyone. And I appreciate that you mention throughout that this life is a process and the more we practice these methods of healing/balancing/learning/evolving the better we will feel and the richer our life will be.

I will find you on twitter and let others know about the great work you’re doing.


Evelyn March 11, 2011 at 6:21 pm

Hello Dorothy,

I must thank your friend for “introducing” us. And I’m happy to know that both of you enjoyed my article. It’s great to be able to help support each other in our journey towards a more fulfilling life. I also like Louis Hay’s “You can Heal Your Life”. I have got her book and it is somewhere in my library. I’m thinking I might want to re-read it. So thank you for reminding me about it!

I look forward to connecting more with you,

Patti Ann Ridgway March 28, 2011 at 8:29 pm

I loved # 2 …we truly have to understand the nature of our mind, it wants to keep us safe and secure. We have to realize that to grow we have to enlarge our comfort zone, realize that our past experiences don’t define our future and take that leap of faith. We can become whatever we want if we just get out of our own heads and our own way… GREAT POST!

Becky April 18, 2011 at 9:09 pm

I remember to give thanks everyday. Even in a not-so-great situation, I say thank you and it brings me back to feeling GREAT!

Tyna July 13, 2011 at 3:50 pm

Today, July 14, 2011:
Dear Everlyn,
The Universe made it, that I encountered your blog site… since 2005.. God lead me to self transformation, rooted from my desire to shift my paradigm from poverty or limited consciousness to wealth consciousness… i read lots of books… lots of websites… Whew…. so many of it…. but it all leads to the Big Truth that we are all children of One God and from our spirit we are all one and the same…
My journey is interesting yet…. sometimes painful because my discovery led me to the discovery of my real self and the baggage that blocks my abundance which we are all entitled because we really are…..
I learned so new many things in your blog…. the stories are great and enlightening…. wow na wow…… i am a filipina from the Philippines
I save your blogsite and looking forward for more reading and learnings even those old posts…. Congratulations…. to both of us that we have found each other in Blog …. this letter is to let you know…… i am one of your readers…… thanks God and grateful for those golden truth i read from this blogsite….. more power to you….. God Bless…

Tyna, Philippines

Tyna July 13, 2011 at 3:52 pm

Today, July 14, 2011:
Dear Everlyn,
The Universe made it, that I encountered your blog site… since 2005.. God lead me to self transformation, rooted from my desire to shift my paradigm from poverty or limited consciousness to wealth consciousness… i read lots of books… lots of websites… Whew…. so many of it…. but it all leads to the Big Truth that we are all children of One God and from our spirit we are all one and the same…
more power to you….. God Bless…

Tyna, Philippines

Leto February 14, 2012 at 12:37 pm

I like the point #4!!! To visualise the situations, results or your self in this or that situation is very important and can help to develop the strategies of behaviour for this or taht situation! Especailly it works out good for stress situation!

Rupali September 14, 2013 at 5:21 pm

Hi Evelyn I feel we think negative because we are very much sensitive or emotional about a particular thing. I created my own blog about positivity. Read the story of two hearts & share your thoughts on

lynne April 25, 2014 at 8:10 pm

Hi that was really great and very motivating. I do believe that every bad situation will have something positive in it. We all have to go through some bad days in order to have the best days of our lives. Thanks for sharing.

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