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About Me

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Hi! Thank you for visiting my site. This site was previously called Attraction Mind Map but has now been renamed as Abundance Tapestry, based on an unfolding series of events.

About My Site, Journey and Myself

First, let me introduce myself. I am an Abundance Alchemy Coach. My vision is to turn dreams into reality through self awareness, inspiring others to do the same. The various roles I play in the school of life include being a life coach, mother, wife, ex-Banker, Singaporean, and an internet entrepreneur. In terms of qualifications, I am also a Certified Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, an Intuitive Consultant, and Vision Board Counselor. On this blog, I share about the various personal insights I have gained, my successes and challenges. I have since published books and programs such as Abundance Alchemy: Journey of Gold, Self-Love Secrets and Life Vision Mastery.

For a long time, I was in a state of struggle. I had given up a fast track career that came with a fat salary, car privileges and club membership, to be with my young kids. With no financial independence, my self worth dropped drastically. I decided to do a part-time business via the web. The initial years of trying to manage a household and starting an online business proved to be challenging. It was the dream of creating the life I want that kept me from returning to the corporate world.

I started this blog after watching the Law of Attraction “Secret” Video. Initially, I applied what I learned with little success. Soon, it became clear to me that the movie left out many key factors; one of which is about the importance of doing inner emotional clearing and healing work.

Thereafter, from an external search, my journey led me to a process of self-inquiry. I questioned “who am I”, my soul purpose and what my highest intents are. I looked into self worth issues for I had previously defined who I was with material possessions. I decided to follow the guidance of my heart and intuition, rather than using my logical mind to process answers.

Strangely enough, as soon as I decided to undertake a process of aligning to my true self, I started getting different results. A shift in the vibrational state of my being opened the door of possibilities. I began to have my first taste of business success, with a client list that stretched into weeks at one stage. Most significantly and for the first time, I felt happy, fulfilled and purposeful. I noted that I was in greater alignment with abundance.

About Abundance Tapestry

Abundance Tapestry came into being as a result of intuitive flashes that I had while meditating. It represents the inter-weaving of my inner and outer life, the inter-relationship of my various roles and inter-dependence between myself as an individual and as part of the collective.

My site offers a platform for me to share with you (the reader) my lens of beauty about life. My soul gift is in putting things together creatively. I use a variety of means to remind ourselves on how abundant we naturally are. I also enjoy publishing stories, sharing my photos, and ideas for inspiration.

How You Can Be Inspired

I realize that in designing the life that I wish to lead, it means making the choice to live in uncertainty. It is an alternative path versus the conventional route of a person who chooses the security of a corporate job and who makes decisions based on logic alone. I am committed to becoming the artist of my life, moving in-step with intuitive guidance.

My request is that you keep an open mind. I can imagine that some of my explorations may put you in discomfort. My aim is to hold up the lamp for all, while I navigate through my life path. In so doing, may you be guided – with more light – to make better and more empowering choices for yourself.

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Abundance Always,

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